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COVID-19 has hit this country hard. Many Americans are out of work and the positions they had may or may not be there as economy recovers. There will be fierce competition for what positions are available. You like many may be out of work in the position you had may or may not come back.

The main topics I’ll be sharing in my blog boils down to “How to Get a Job.” The emphasis will be on practical techniques of job hunting and interviewing.

Over the years I’ve had several different careers from:

1. candy bar salesman,

2. stockbroker,

3. project manager for one of largest commercial reroofing contractors,

4. finally settling into an IT career.

I’ve lived through and been affected by numerous recessions and Reductions in Force - a euphemism for layoffs.

After my four-year hitch in the Air Force I went back to college. I worked the graveyard shift while attending classes during the day getting my degree in Business Administration. In my final semester a few of us went out to lunch talking about what we were to do once we graduate. One had an interview set up with the IRS, another was going to go into her family business. When my turn came my response was, “I just want to sleep nights.”

During those years I had not given one iota of thought as to what I wanted to do later. A buddy of mine introduced me to a book, “What Color Is Your Parachute.” I’ll be referring to it from time to time throughout my various posts.

In the 1980s peace broke out and the aerospace industry had massive “Reductions in Force.” These very high-paying jobs went away and were not coming back. So, what do you do if you were one of those aerospace engineers?

WCIYP emphasis is on Career and Life Planning. In a nutshell it’s a 10,000-foot view for evaluating your skills and talents and combining them into potential positions. It’s been republished with updates for over 40 years.

It’s worth a read and you can easily get it from your local library. It has an outstanding discussion of the “Hidden Job Market.” What’s that? Not all jobs are posted in the newspaper and job boards!

My blog posts, not in any particular order, will be on the practical nuts and bolts of:

1. creating your resume,

2. interview techniques,

3. how to follow up after an interview,

4. dealing with HR, employment agencies, headhunters etc.

5. building a contact list),

6. contacting potential employers,

7. informational interviewing,

8. how to follow up after an interview,

9. building your network.

and a lot more.

So, if this interests you please read on.

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